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Roller Coaster at a Renaissance Faire

I was at a Renaissance Faire that the family of a friend of mine set up. All the vendors were under a giant tent made of cream colored fabric, like muslin to stay in-period. My friend dressed me in a fairy-type outfit, but all I can remember was that I had a green flowy skirt on. I think I had those fake wings on too.

My friend came out of the dressing room and was wearing a frumpy blue flowery patterned dress that looked like something a woman would wear while working on a farm, and she matched the rest of her family. Not sure why this in the dream, but whatever. Dream logic! There were lots of tables set up and vendors selling things, especially racks and racks of clothing made for Renn Faires.

I went out back of all the vendors and saw that the family had built and set up this giant roller coaster. It was rickety and made of wood, but could carry probably 50 people on it in three giant cars. It was loud and wobbly and obviously not safe, and I watched as the cars started their way up the track. There were a lot of dangerously steep curves, and I watched in horror as the last three passengers suddenly ejected from their seats, sending them tumbling to the ground.

I disregarded the fact that the roller coaster was still running, but I ran toward the girl on the ground. I had to stop at some tracks as the coaster went past me, but two people from the roller coaster booth (where they stopped and started it) got to her first. They dragged her over the tracks back to the booth, and started CPR. They weren't at it for very long, and they declared her dead. She was pretty beat up and broken, arms and legs bent at awkward angles, but there wasn't any blood.

I started freaking out and trying to get someone to call 911 for the poor girl, but no one would. I ran over to my friend's mother who was watching, and all she did was get more people on the ride. Suddenly -poof-, there was another roller coaster in its place, like they had this one as back up. This one was different - instead of going around in loop-de-loops like the first one, this one just sent the car straight up in the air, made it go off the tracks, then it came back down backwards back onto the tracks.

I screamed that this one wasn't safer in any way, but no one listened to me.

Then I woke up.

I'm a Zombie in Zombieland

WARNING: There is blood and gore in this dream. Reader discretion is advised.

I can't remember how this dream started, but I remember I was in a smaller neighborhood in a suburban town. I don't think I lived there, but I was staying there for a period of time.

I was shot in the upper thigh, and I remember bleeding a hell of a lot, but it didn't hurt. That was when I knew something was wrong. The blood didn't stain my white pants, though, and I was running away from something with a group of people, Bill Murray one of them. He held a rifle and was lugging a large black duffel bag with him as we ran. I didn't recognize anyone else.

Someone asked, "Is everyone okay?" To which I replied, "I'm not!" Everyone stopped and I walked up onto someone's lawn. At this point I kind of figured we were running from zombies, but they were very far behind us and we could afford to stop. I was covered in blood, hoping it wasn't my own, and I sat down on the lawn. I had been bleeding pretty badly and I could feel the blood seeping out of my gunshot wound and running heavily down my leg and into my boot, so I sat down and took my boot off. I dumped, and I am not exaggerating here, at the very least two gallons of thick crimson blood out onto the ground.

I started to freak out, as did everyone else except Bill Murray, and I expressed this to someone in the group: "Why am I freaking out?! I just lost like a liter and a half of blood and I'm not dead yet!"

At this point, I realized I was, indeed, a zombie. I saw myself from a third person point of view, and I had blood all over me, my skin was a little peely, and I was pale and dead looking with messed up hair, but I was logical and could think and was able to speak correctly. The group I was with didn't seem to mind anymore that I was now one of the undead horde, but they kept me around anyway.

That's all I can remember. Probably came about from watching The Walking Dead last night. xD

Mel Gibson in... Nose Job

Warning! There is a little bit of blood in this dream, and I'm actually cutting out a lot more gory stuff that I felt/saw.

It was night time. I was at a house on a hill, and for some reason, I was an android that could fly. I spent awhile of vague dream-time flying (flying in this case means skimming the ground) and chasing another person, who was also a freaky flying android.

There was a fat lady in a sleigh type thing, and I think she wanted to spread some toxic gas around the city over to kill everyone. She took off on her rocket-powered sled thingie, and I took off after her. I chased her through some woods and she crashed in the city somewhere. I finally found her walking down the sidewalk. I stalked her for awhile, trying to figure out what I would do once I caught her. A guy walked past me holding a baseball bat, and I asked if I could have it and yanked it out of his hands.

I threw it hard at the back of the lady's head and it hit her. She immediately turned around and pointed a gun right at my face, and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit me at point blank range, and I was thrown backward onto the ground. I didn't feel any pain or anything different, so I just assumed that she missed. She stared at me in disbelief and fear, and took off running in the opposite direction. I got up and looked around, and the guy that had had the baseball bat was staring at me as well. He got scared and ran away as well.

I reached up and touched under my nose, and only came away with a little bit of blood. I assumed I just had a bloody nose, but for some reason I knew that the lady had blown my nose off. At some point I think I had a point of view change and I saw that my nose was gone and all that was left was a bloody mess.

I followed the lady around the corner and saw her dart down a staircase that led into a cellar or basement. The basement had factory equipment all over, but no workers. I ran down a hallway and found the basement had two levels. I was on a balcony overlooking what looked like the lobby outside a pool. I looked down and saw Mel Gibson carrying a lady and trying to operate a machine at the same time. Being the nice gal I am, I went down the stairs to help him out.

He was trying to get something out of this arcade-game style box, with arrow buttons on the front and a screen that only displayed green letters on a black screen. I came up and said, "Need a hand?" Mel started to say something, but he just stared at my face. I reached up and felt a chunk of... something sitting just below where my nose should have been, and came away with more blood.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked.

"There should be something on your face," Mel said nervously. I kept touching where my nose should have been and coming away with blood, so I turned and looked in my reflection in another one of those machines and found that my nose was completely there, not bloody at all. (This happens a lot.)

Somehow I ended up in the pool with the lady I was chasing, and suddenly I wasn't in the dream, I was watching it. And it was animated, like a really fast paced anime. Somehow the lady was also an android and she used her wires and cables to attack me and some other guy with blue hair. She was like Doctor Octopus, only fatter and wearing pink.

The End.

Big Boys Do Cry

(I truly haven't had any remarkable dreams in the last few months until now. So here ya go!)

I was walking to one of my classes at the community college I'm taking classes at, when I spot the group of guys that I had been playing DnD with walking across the courtyard. (Two of them have major crushes on me, and I got fed up for a week or so and was avoiding them. Probably where this dream came from.)

In the dream, I was walking past them trying to hide my face and walk quickly in another direction. I spotted one of them, Andy, and overheard him saying something like, "It's so frustrating not being able to express my feelings for her, you know!?" He was getting really, really angry about this, and I saw a tear go down his cheek.

Feeling awful, I quickened my walk and hid behind a brick pillar near one of the buildings. Apparently I discovered a door or a button or something, and part of the wall opened up to reveal a TARDIS-like room inside the pillar. (It was bigger in the inside) I stepped inside and saw a bunch of other guys that I didn't recognize setting up computers and Rock Band and a projector, and one of them, an Asian guy with glasses, invited me in. Secret LAN party FTW! I think I was the only girl there, and that's the only reason why they let me in. xD

There was something about some people finding the place and not being allowed inside, and they started finding more and more people to try to sneak in or something.

After that was an entirely different dream, but I can't remember it at all.

Weird dream is weird.
I was at a very large college campus, and I had just dumped all my stuff in my dorm room and wanted to explore a bit. I had a car, and I drove around the building to see if I could find any shortcuts or hidden doors to my dorm. The whole time I was outside, I felt like I was being chased down and followed.

I parked the car and went into a back door that supposedly entered my dorm building. Inside a wild party was going on; all the girls were in their pajamas and had pillows piles everywhere. I got really scared that the person who was following me would get inside or if he had a gun, so I launched myself upstairs to my dorm.

Inside, I noticed some more pairs of shoes, more pillows, and a few more suitcases. I walked in, thinking I had a roommate now, and I saw a little girl in a very frilly blood-red dress with black lace sitting in a chair. She was blond and looked vaguely like a friend from high school's little cousin (she's the only kid under 10 I can stand). Apparently she was my dream-self's nemesis, so I bolted out the door. My door was at the end of a hallway, with the staircase right in front, and then the hallway continued after that. I intended to vault over the staircase completely, but I leapt over the wall, came short, and fell down the stairwell. Luckily there was a huge pile of pillows at the bottom to soften my fall. I bolted down the hallway and out the door.

And then I woke up.

Portland Adventures

(This dream is a few days old. Forgive me for forgetting some details.)

The dream started with me on my trusty bike riding down the highway with the full intention of making it to Portland to visit my dad. Mind you, it takes a good 45 minutes to make it by car from where I live. I didn't have anything with me, except like my wallet with my ID in it. I made it  all the way to the OHSU hill (this is a MASSIVE hill, by the way, and my dad used to live pretty close to the top), and I started the long ride up. About halfway up I started going around a curve when I stopped to take a breather. I noticed a car was parked in a driveway, the driver looking confused. I went up and asked him if he was looking for something, and he said he was looking for a green house somewhere up here. I turned back and pointed up the hill, and he started off.

I then realized that, wait, this is where my dad used to live, and he now lived pretty much across the city. As I turned around to head back down the huge hill, I looked back to see the green house that I thought the guy needed, and pondered why he drove right past it. Oh well.

Can't remember the ride down the hill, but I made it back to the freeway when I realized I had no idea how to get to my dad's new house. Somehow I ended up hitchhiking with these two ladies, a mother and daughter. It was dark by now, and the mother was driving fairly erratically--changing lanes without signaling, stuff like that, but staying under the speed limit. The daughter goes, "Uh oh. He's screwed," and I look back behind us. There was a half-built exit ramp with barriers and traffic cones and stuff around it, but a guy just barreled through them and ended up crashing to the ground under the freeway.

Just as we saw that, the mother thought another exit ramp was finished and decided to take it. It wasn't finished, so we ended up flying head-first into a lake. I started to freak out and started opening the door as we were falling, when I realized it was only a little pond and around waist deep. I grabbed a plastic bag full of stuff next to me to save it (don't know why--it wasn't mine) and we waded out of the pond, then followed some stairs that led from the pond back up to the freeway. (The dream was actually making fairly good sense up until this point.)

We were close enough to downtown Portland, so we walked into a library/hospital/homeless shelter. It had an emergency room somewhere, doctors rushing around, bookshelves, lots of random people sitting on the computers around the room. By this point I said to the mother that I really ought to call my dad, as he's probably worried about me. I saw a pay phone, but they kept me from going over to it by making me sign in. I signed about five different forms for some reason or other, and I noticed a form on the floor. I read the five signatures, and it was my sister's, in her handwriting and everything. Knowing she must be around here somewhere, I turned around. My sister was sitting at a computer, her back toward me, and my dad was leaning against the wall right by the door (why did he not see us come in?). My sister ran over and I hugged her, and then I hugged my dad and started crying.

Suddenly my dad breaks away, steps back a few feet, and goes, "It's not you, but man, it stinks in here!" and then takes his shirt off.

And then I woke up.

Crazy dude with a gun

I was with someone else, standing in what seemed to be a tractor path. We both had smallish backpacks full of supplies of some kind; we must have been hiking or camping. On one side of the path was a field of what looked like young blueberry plants, and on the other side was a deep forest.

The sun had set, and it was getting dark fast. We had stopped so I could get something out of my backpack when I realized that we were near a house, presumably belonging to the people that owned the field. The wife came running out of the house, screaming. The husband followed with their small black dog, tied to a giant piece of cardstock by a zip-tie around its neck. He took the board with the dog attached and somehow hung it on the gutter above the porch, like a display, and chased after his wife with a gun.

My companion had booked it into the forest, but I ran to the house and took the dog and the board off the gutter, then ran into the blueberry field. I tore at the zip-tie, but couldn't get it off the dog's neck, so I just ripped the cardstock off. I turned around and realized the guy was coming after me with the gun, so I ran as fast as I could through the blueberry patch, running back and forth in zig zags to avoid the man's shots at me.

I made it through the blueberries and ran into another field with some kind of vines or tall growing crop. Somewhere around here the man shot at me and grazed my waist, but I kept running, the little dog under my arm. I finally came to a hill, and was so grateful to find a small town on the other side. I made it to a tiny gas station and convenience store, and told the clerk to call the police. He was taking his sweet time with his cell phone, and I was about to tell him to hurry up when I saw the man through the windows and decided to leave again. The two clerks followed me out of the store.

The dog ran away somewhere around this point. A building was on fire in the background, so some police cars were already on the scene. They didn't seem to be paying attention to the crazy guy coming after me with a gun. My point of view changed from first-person to third-person, with camera movements much like a movie. The man shot me in the arm, and one of the store clerks in the chest. He was a goner. My adrenaline was keeping my arm from hurting too bad, but it did ache. I kept running and running, trying to find a place to hide. The other clerk got shot, as well as some other lady.

The man calls out something, and I slowly turn around. He's about 10 feet from me, and he's pointing the gun at my chest. I close my eyes. Suddenly I hear a louder shot, and I jump, thinking I'm dead. I opened my eyes and saw the man with the gun with a gaping hole in his chest. He fell, and behind him stood a single cop with his gun pointed at him.

And then I woke up.

WTFery abound

The first part of the dream was much longer than this, but all I remember is that I started out above a house on a hill and flew over a valley full of trees. It was around sunset, and I could see the horizon on all sides, with fields of crops all around me. I caught a huge air current and soared really, really high, then I dipped back down and followed a dirt road back into town. I was flying on huuuuuge green dragon wings, just like Erin. :3 They were really big, really long, and the membrane between the fingers was really thick. I remember them really vividly; it was awesome. Keep in mind that throughout this entire dream, even through changing between different "scenes," I had these wings the whole time.

This is really long dream. Read more...Collapse )


I was flying around Antarctica with three other people around my age. The girl in front of me had bright white dragon wings, while I had no idea if the other two people, or me for that matter, had wings as well. We were flying around these huge glaciers that had popped up out of the sea. It was like a hole had been dug in the ice, which was really, really thick, so it was like an indoor ice arena of some sort.

The wind carried me higher and higher, until I got shot down by something and plummeted to the freezing waters below. I don't remember actually being in the water, but I remember being pulled out by a guy around my age and taking me to a house. (No clue how we got there so fast, but ah well.) He opened the door and shouted something like, "I need help!"

The only thing after that I remember is waking up on a cot inside an igloo and thinking that my toes were frostbitten and I needed to get to a doctor to get them amputated.

Yeah. xD

Character Sheet

Weapons: random supernatural powers; knives; strange dream logic

Trademarks: purple dragon wings (more recently), white Danny Phantom hair (when I see my hair)

Strengths: being the apparent leader of a group; knowing something other people don't; random acts of logic saying "HEY!" but not doing anything

Weaknesses: my flying motor runs out (i.e. I start gliding, not flying); I have wings but can't/don't fly; pulling things from reality into dreamworld (i.e. Doctor Who)

Special Skills: knowing I have a certain "power," but when showing it to other people, it won't work; saving people; spontaneously becoming evil

Favorite Moments: seeing Tenth Doctor making a fish face in a fishtank; hugging Ninth Doctor; flying over New York, calling the rest of my evil "posse"; flying over a field with my spotted eagle wings to save something or someone

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